Home Management


Mr. Vikas Parashar, Director


Mr Vikas Parashar is known for his knowledge in the real estate industry. In the earlier phase of his career he has positively contributed in the Insurance Industry. He is a man who has successfully steered the Company through periods of high risk and market uncertainty. He is a self-made man who has gained respect on the basis of his natural business knowledge and sheer determination.

Mr Parashar is also known for his amazing networking skills, foresight and his incredible ability to think one step ahead of the competition, he has a strong hold on the real estate market and is very disciplined. His entry into the world of real estate and his ability to sustain the company through the real estate downturn speaks volumes about his managing capabilities.




Mr Sumit Arora, Director


With his knowledge and experience of many domains so far, he is well equipped with different work styles. Team management and Business analytics are his basic strengths.

Worked with some major market giants, Mr Arora believes that there is no work impossible if an individual is determined enough. In the real estate industry people come along with lots of hopes and expectations because they are busy shaping their dream homes with us and it becomes our responsibility to understand and deliver high quality customer experience.